Sale Information & Terms of Bidding

*By agreeing to bid in this sale on any lot(s) of interest you are agreeing to the ’Terms of Sale / Terms & Conditions’ which are applicable to all lots listed*

*If you do NOT agree to All Bidding Terms & Conditions, Then please DO NOT BID, As by registering to Bid you are agreeing to ALL bidding terms*


All sales listed, Are strictly ‘TRADE ONLY’ with all lots being listed and sold under ‘TRADE ONLY TERMS’ – Meaning ALL Consumer Rules, Regulations & Cooling Off Periods do NOT stand in any sales listed.

All bids which are submitted are valid by the ‘Account Holder, And cannot be removed once submitted.


Capital Asset Auctions

“We are a validated auction house and have been approved by ATG Media, To list within &

Sales Address:

Walton New Road Business Park, Geoff’s Drive, Upper Bruntingthorpe, Leicestershire, LE17 5RD

(Please Note: Lots may be located elsewhere for Collection – Please refer to lot description)

Registered Address:

Cromwell House, Mill Street, Cannock, Staffordshire, WS11 0DP

Contact Details:

Telephone: 0116 3214 301

Option 1: General Enquiries

Option 2: Sales

Option 3: Accounts

Option 4: Booking For Collection / Delivery

Option 5: Anything Else

Email Enquiries:

Email Sales:


How to Register:

You can register either by Capital Asset Auctions, iBidder or BidSpotter.

Once you’ve created a ‘Buyers Account’ you can sign up to bid on any sales listed within Capital Asset Auctions, iBidder or BidSpotter.

How to Bid:

(Find a virtual video within our website for clarification)

First you’ll need to register for the sale which you’ve seen the Lot(s) listed under, You’ll then be required to agree to all of the ’Terms of Sale / Terms & Conditions’

(Depending on your purchase history, Your account may need to be manually approved by the Auctioneer, Should this be the case you’ll need to contact the Auctioneer directly to seek bidding approval)


The Auctioneer may require additional information to be supplied & verified in order to get your account approved.

Once you’ve successfully registered for the sale & agreed to all of the bidding terms, You’ll be able to bid on all lots listed within the sale.

(Please be aware when bidding on multiple lots you are bidding to buy all lots)

Account Holder:

The ‘Account Holder’ is liable for all bidding activity on their buyers account.

The ‘Account Holder’ also gives the right the Capital Asset Auctions to add such information to the Buyers Account, Such as; Additional Contact Information, Company Information, Address Information Etc…

The ‘Account Holder’ is agreeing to be over the age of 18 years old & a UK Resident

The ‘Account Holder’ is agreeing to conclude with any purchases with ‘Winning / Accepted Bids’ on any Lot(s) they’ve bid on prior to the auction ending.


Capital Asset Auction, May require a copy of a Drivers License and or a utility bill to confirm the ‘Account Holders’ identity.

Winning Bids:

If you have successfully won any lot(s) within the sale, Your payable invoice will follow by both Email & WhatsApp Messenger (When Available)

Provisional Bids:

If you’ve been bidding on any Lot(s) within the sale which has not met reserve, You will be instructing Capital Asset Auctions to approach our Vendor(s) with your highest ‘Submitted Bid’ for consideration, Should the Vendor(s) decide to accept your ‘Submitted Bid’ within 24 hours, You will be invoiced accordingly with a set payment deadline of 5pm the following day.


When bidding on any lot(s) you do not need to be the highest bidder to win the item, Capital Asset Auctions reserve the right to submit all bids towards our Vendor(s) for consideration, Therefor all bids to which the ‘Account Holder’ is submitting on single or multiple lots are valid for 24 Hours after the sale has ended.


Once the sale for each lot has ended, The ‘Account Holder’ will be invoiced in accordance to their accepted bids.

All payable invoices will be sent by both Email & WhatsApp Messenger (When Applicable)


Capital Asset Auctions, Will invoice you as follows:

Invoice ‘1 of 2’

This will be your initial invoice which will contain the Lot(s) which you’ve been invoiced for, This invoice will be for the ‘Hammer Price’

Invoice ‘2 of 2’

This will follow once invoice ‘1 of 2’ has been paid, This invoice will include any applicable ‘Buyers Premium’ & ‘VAT Charges’.


All payments are to be made by ‘Bank Transfer’ only (Within the set payment deadline)

Payment are to be made to;

Capital Asset Remarketing Limited

Santander Bank (Wellingborough Branch)

Account Number: 10298990

Sort Code: 09-01-29

IBAN: GB14ABBY09012910298990



When making payment, Please use your invoice number as a payment reference.

Payment Deadline:

Capital Asset Auctions, Set a payment deadline on all lots listed within the sale.

Set payment deadlines for each individual lot will be listed in the ‘Item Description’

Late Payments:

Should the payment deadline be exceeded, Capital Asset Auctions will apply a 3% +VAT ‘Late Payment Fee’ onto the ‘Account Holders’ payable invoice.


The 3% +VAT ‘Late Payment Fee’ is charged at a daily rate, 7 Days a week. (Including Bank Holidays)

Buyers Premium:

Each individual lot will carry a ‘Buyers Premium’ ranging from 20-35% Applicable to the ‘Hammer Price’ – This will differ from lot to lot, So please refer to the ‘Additional Fees’ tab on each individual lot for clarification on the ‘Additional Fees’ which are applicable.

All ‘Buyers Premium’ charges are subject to VAT @ 20%.

VAT Charges:

All lots will be subject to VAT @ 20% – Applicable to the ‘Hammer Price’.

(Various Lots may be sold with NO VAT Applicable, Please refer to the ‘Additional Fees’ tab as well as the ‘Item Description’ for clarification)

Viewing of Lots:

Capital Asset Auctions, Advise viewing to all lots listed within the Auction, This allows all potential buyers to fully satisfy themselves.


Viewings are by strict appointment only, Viewing must only take place prior to the ‘Account Holder’ placing any bid(s) on the lot(s) they’d wish to view & prior to the auction ending.

Viewings are strictly NOT available after this stage.

Inspection of Lots:

Capital Asset Auctions, Strongly advise and welcome any inspection on lots listed within the sale, We welcome AA, RAC or an Independent Specialist to attend and inspect any lot(s) listed which the ‘Account Holder’ intends to bid on.

As a ’TRADE ONLY AUCTION’ we do not offer any grading system on any lot(s) listed, Which is why we offer such inspections.


All inspections are by strict appointment only & when Capital Asset Auctions can accommodate such inspections.

Such inspections can only be carried out prior to the ‘Account Holder’ placing any bids on any Lot(s) & prior to the auction ending.

Lot Listing:

Capital Asset Auctions, Provide an ’Item Description’ on all lots listed, This information including all of it’s content is for Guidance Only, So therefor is not to be relied upon, We strongly advise ALL bidders to undergo their own investigations on all lots they intend to bid on prior to the auction ending.

Such As; Mileage, Condition, Warranty, Year of Manufacture, Service Records, MOT History & Any Further Due Diligence


Such investigations are to be carried out by the ‘Account Holder’ prior to bidding on any lot(s) of interest, Should such investigation take place after any bid(s) have been submitted the matter will be rejected by Capital Asset Auctions and all bid(s) will remain valid to the ‘Account Holder’.

Auctioneer Remarks:

Should there be anything which the Vendor has brought to our attention, Such will be listed within the ‘Auctioneers Remarks’ on the bottom of each individual ‘Item Description’

Lot Images:

Images of lots are listed by Capital Asset Auctions and our Vendors, Images listed are for Guidance Only, So therefor may not show the Lots true condition at the time of photographing each Lot, This could be due to a number o factors including: Lighting, Weather, Camera Quality Etc.

Majority of Lot images will also include a ‘Watermark’ – This is to prevent fraudsters using and copyrighting any of the images which are uploaded.


Various Lots within the Auction maybe listed with ‘Library Images’ – Meaning that the image(s) listed do not reflect the lots condition.

Lot Collections:

Once any lot(s) purchased have been fully paid, All Lots will become available for ‘Collection’

Along with your ‘PAID’ invoice the yard managers details will be supplied to you via email, Then it’s down to the ‘Account Holder’ to get in touch to arrange collection

Telephone: 0116 3214 301 – Option 4


Collections are by strict appointment only, No Appointment No Collection.

Lot Deliveries:

Capital Asset Auctions, Can assist delivery on any Lot(s) purchased, Once you’ve received your ‘PAID’ invoice Telephone: 0116 3214 301 – Option 4

We’ll then work on getting you the best quote possible.

Storage Charges:

Capital Asset Auctions, Reserve the right to charge a daily ’Storage Fee’ of £50 +VAT (Charged 7 Days A Week, Including Bank Holidays)

This charge will be applicable 3 days after winning any item(s)


Storage Charges are to be settled prior to release of any Lot(s)


Capital Asset Auctions, Allow all the ‘Account Holder’ to cancel any Lot(s) which their bid has been accepted on, However by opting to cancel any Lot(s) this would incur the following charges;

Cancellation Fee, Charged at the rate of the ‘Buyers Premium’ applicable to each Lot.

Re-Auction Fee: £120 +VAT

Admin Fee: £55 +VAT

VAT Refunds:

Capital Asset Auctions, Will gladly refund any VAT to overseas buyers on any Lot(s) purchased.

However, This is subject to the ‘Account Holder’ providing proof of Export & Re-Registration via Email & Post.

The ‘Account Holder’ must also provide a full VAT Registration Number, Along with the above within a 3 month period of the date of purchase.


All overseas ‘Account Holders’ must pay any applicable VAT Charges with no exceptions, But a VAT Refund will be issued as addressed above.

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